Miss First Nation is part of our Fruitland Ramily
Miss First Nation is part of our Fruitland Ramily
Posted on 08/24/2017

Entering first grade this year, Aiyana Eaglespeaker was voted Miss First Nation at a recent Pow Wow. We at Fruitland Elementary are so very proud of her!


My name is Aiyana Eaglespeaker. I am Diné, Hopi, and Blackfeet. My parents are April and Cory Eaglespeaker. I spend my time playing with my sister and two brothers. I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling to different places. Most of our travels are spent going to pow wows all over the country and parts of Canada, and if it’s not pow wows then we are partaking in our traditional ceremonies. 

Just a few months ago, during the 46th Annual First Nations at UW Spring Powwow on April 8-9, 2017 at the Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Ed Pavilion in Seattle, Washington, I decided to run for the Jr. Miss First Nations along with my sister. It was a great experience for me to take part in a competitions that is based on culture. It was so much fun to see all the other girls taking part. I had to write an essay based on questions the committee came up with, there was a dance competition, and interview. 

My mom, grandma, and auntie were all there supporting me and encouraging me to do my best and no matter the outcome, they are so very proud that I choice to do this. My papa was there cheering me on too. My favorite part was the dance contest because I dance for my grandma Emily ScabbyRobe, who is with now watching over me, I dance for those who are sick, need prayer, healing, and for safe travels. I like to dance all the junior girl’s pow wow styles, such as; Jingle, Fancy Shawl, and Traditional. 

During my dance competition I danced jingle, which is a healing dress. It’s had been told that the dress healed a young girl and that the vison of the dress came to the dad who was fearful that he would lose his little girl. This is why it’s a healing dress.

I’m so excited to represent the largest Native American student run committee in the United States. Along representing a thriving University. I’m thankful and so blessed to have shared this experience with my sister. She competed in Sr. Miss First Nation, she received 1st runner up. 

I look forward to representing all year long. I will do my best to represent my family, First Nations, the University of Washington, my community, and school."